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GOOD DAY to you wherever you are! Good morning! BONJOUR!  BON DAY! 

BONDAY is a word made up of French and English. BON IS THE FRENCH WORD FOR GOOD, which gives us Bonday, or, Good day! What Bonday really is though is a portal to cultures around the world.

I have always loved exploring new cultures as I believe culture is what brings us together and that diversity is a force in which we all benefit. This belief is what inspired me to travel around the world. After visiting a new place, I made sure to bring back a souvenir. These souvenirs are beautiful treasures that I display around my kitchen and living room. But, the mistake I have made over those years was selecting these items for their beauty, not necessarily for the meaning or tradition attached to them. As a result, later on, I have a hard time remembering what the item actually represents or where it came from. With that, I have a question for you reading this blog, tell me why you purchase any item in general? Was it for the color, the beauty, the smell, the price, the brand?  What made you decide to buy it? Have you ever wondered how it was made or for what purpose?  Or perhaps who made it? Who is the artisan behind the item?

During the lockdown, my beautiful daughters and I found ourselves gathering around the kitchen table and telling stories. My children were all born and raised in the US, so they know very little about their heritage. One evening, they asked me to tell them more about my heritage and where I come from. I started to share stories about my village; the king of the village, how there is no electricity there, and how back in the day trade was done using cowries. I then started pulling some of the items I had around the kitchen for a show and tell.

When I saw their enthusiasm and interest, I began to think about all the other people that may be interested in learning about what I had shared with them. One of my twins, Seyrah, suggested I should start a blog to share my culture. I asked her who was going to write the blog. They all jumped up and said they would love to help. In which I replied, “I heard that with the dog and I am the one taking care of him.” We all laughed. Later though, I couldn’t stop thinking about this idea and felt like my culture really was something I wanted to share with others.

And so, BONDAY was born. I wanted to create a space where culture could be shared through the comfort of one’s own home as COVID has prevented us from traveling as we used to. I really thought about different ways to travel around the world to know the people and their culture. This is how I came up with the idea to travel the world through our products. Bonday offers you an opportunity to venture all around the world through our carefully handpicked products. I wanted to give a soul to each item and allow people to truly know the life and culture of the people behind the product.

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