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Getting your House Ready for Halloween.

We are a little over half way through the month of October, which means Halloween is right around the corner. Whether you are having a halloween party or just enjoying dinner with friends, the perfect Halloween decor can really set a fun mood for the evening. Let’s walk through how to really capture the Halloween Spirit throughout your home

1. Dining Room Table

The first place you should consider decorating is your dining room. You want to decide what type of theme you want for your table. You may want something more spooky like in Image 1 or perhaps you rather have a more sophisticated setting like in Image 2. Whatever you decide, it’s important to think about the colour scheme you want to occupancy that theme. This may mean a more neutral colour scheme, lots of colour, or just a black and white theme. 

This will play into the theme and help you decide your decor. Obviously you will want some variation of pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, skulls, and cobwebs present to really sell the theme. This table alone can set the Halloween vibe!

2. Entry Way

Another important place to think about decorating is your home entrance. This is the first place people interact with when entering your home. Having a few pumpkins, some cobwebs, and a ghost can be a demonstration of your inviting and committed spirit to Halloween and entertaining! This is a great place to spruce up your house and have a little fun for Halloween.

3. Bathroom/Kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen are places where you can enjoy Halloween more subtly. One way to decorate in these two rooms is by changing out your normal towels for a few Halloween ones. This gives a little Halloween spirit without taking over the whole room. You can also add to the vibe by placing a few Halloween candles or soaps in these two places. This adds to the aroma while maintaining the theme. Lastly, you could exchange a few of your normal containers and jars for some spookier alternatives. These are some great ways to enjoy decorating your home without it feeling like you have to go over the top.

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