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Cushion "Bogoland"

Cushion "Bogoland"


Cushion “Bogoland” is an eye-catching.

Will add colour and pattern to any sofa, bed, or chair.

This cushion is hand made of cotton with local vibrant pattern and fabric.

Zipper closure.

40 cm


Designed by Denise




Its cotton is often raised on small, family farms, using very simple and labor intensive methods. After being picked and cleaned, it is spun into rough yarns. The color of the fabric before decorating is cream. The fibers are woven into 10-15cm wide strips. Traditionally, the men of the village do the weave work. They use hand looms which is very time-consuming. After the weaving, the strips are sewn together. Bogolan were traditionally worn by hunters, pregnant or menstruating women or anyone in danger of losing blood. They are protective cloths, keeping away threatening evil spirits, who are meant to be confused by the meandering patterns or the close weave of the fabric and are thus unable to penetrate the wearer’s body.

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Weight 1 lbs


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