Chou-Chou The Necklace Bag

Introducing Felicity T necklace bag!
Simply elegant and unique! Chou- Chou bag is a statement that was designed to pamper your look
and style. It will match any sport, night , or work outfit. Chou-Chou is so soft that you can carry your
small and cute Chihuahua inside the bag and take him anywhere you go out with friends.

Non rusty gold hardware
Light weight handbags and pull strings to close the bag.
Felicity T Diamond shape logo with detachable chain. At time, can be wore as a necklace.

Comes with a chains strap



Chou-Chou The Necklace Bag

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Aditional Information

Dimensions19 × 15 × 19 cm

Natural Canvas & Suede Fabric, Orange Lamb Leather with Fringe, Facial Canvas & Suede Fabric

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